Welcome! I am glad you are here. This space out  in the internets is an experimental space for me to write.  For as Achille Mbembe says, “To think is to experiment.”

This test space, I expect, will result in prophetic proclamation, which in traditional fashion, could encompass anything, but will generally tend toward the theological and the political and be strong on critique.

I remind you and myself, for the record, that you, dear reader, do not have to like what I say, you do not have to agree, you do not even have to read the words that I set down.

I hope, however, that you do read, and enjoy, and find something of value in this humble offering that I am sending out into the world.

Peace and cake (because I love both),


Alease is a researcher. Her current big project relates to violence in the life and teaching of Jesus (not the cross and the nails, but the whip and the sword). She is also an attorney. And a Methodist minister. Alease is a native New Yorker, with current lives and loves in New York, Durham, North Carolina, and Cape Town, South Africa.